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13 Jan 2018

World is looking at us as the most young nation. Only India can become the Human Resource Capital of the world.


Demographic Dividend

With the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who is one of the most powerful people in the world having personally visited India on invitation by our honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, proves that India has been enjoying the global limelight for quite some time.

From the early days of Gandhi and Nehru, others who have enhanced India’s presence all over the world can be- Tennis star, Saina Mirza; Bollywood Actor, Priyanka Chopra; Cricket Legend, Sachin Tendulkar; first Indian born Google CEO, Sundar Pichai; to name a few.

It can well be judged that India is no more an unknown country. In fact, it has evolved to one such where curiosity arises. Thanks to India’s rich history in the field of religion and spiritualism it has achieved the rank of being the hub for those in search of some peace of mind. But, the list does not end here for, as per reports, India also known as the hub of IT start-ups. No wonder these examples of India’s potential can be considered as the tip of the iceberg with it huge body and base still under the water level.

It is time for the Indian iceberg to come out of the water level and amaze everybody with its core strength.

Do you know: By the year 2020, the Indian population would have the youngest median age of 28 years as compared to its counterparts such as 38 years for US, 42 years for China?

This ‘demographic dividend’ offers a great opportunity for India! Imagine the doors it shall open for us! But, just like how every opportunity accompanies with itself a similar thrilling challenge, this opportunity of ours too brings forth one challenge: to develop and empower the huge youth population to be able to stand as productive work force.

The road for India to becoming the Human Resource Capital is not long but, there is an urgency to make the youth walk on it which can be made possible only with development of skills and training of the youth to grasp the promising job opportunities that the world has created for them.

Yes, the world is looking at us as the youngest nation and it is only up to us to make it all worthwhile.

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