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13 Jan 2018

Entrepreneurship is the only option


“India should introduce entrepreneurship in educational syllabus” – Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM.

India is envisioned to be a great power in 21st century at the international arena. What are its strengths and weaknesses thus comes as a natural question to anybody who is really concerned. Key to development and empowerment are available resources and their effective utilization of which human resource is most important of as utilization of other resources depends on human resources itself.

In Indian context, population which was earlier considered to be the greatest bottleneck is now being seen as the greatest force development.

As per UN report: With 356 million in the age group of 10-24 year old, India has the world’s largest youth population despite having a smaller population than China.

Hence, by and large the future of this youth is the future of India.

Resources or Liability

Whether Indian youth considers itself and delivers as resource or liability can be understood in light of news which worked as food of TRP for many news channels: “For vacancy of 268 posts peons at the Uttar Pradesh secretariat in Lucknow.” As many as 23 lakh applications were submitted. Over two lakh applications were atleast graduate with BTech, BSc, MSc ets degrees and 255 with PhD’s!

With this, how can we be reckoned as world power?!

Any country or society can develop if there are entrepreneurs who think of creating jobs by starting businesses rather than just doing jobs. There has been lack of entrepreneurial mindset in Indians as compared to the people of western countries. This is exactly the reason to why we have not been able to convert population into human resource.

Entrepreneurship is a mindset which depends on our internal values, self image, perceived social and internal insecurity, etc. Our education system and society are too large extent creating job searchers than job creators.

Developing Entrepreneurship

Fortunately entrepreneurship is a skill, and a skill can be developed. It is rather difficult to develop entrepreneurship by education in schools and colleges as those who will teach entrepreneurship are not entrepreneurs rather simple job doers. Network marketing has come up to fill the void. Its major advantage being it could be done in part time in most of the cases, so many people won’t have to risk their current job or profession. Moreover investment is also small, so there is no risk as such and middle class person can also think of entering business world.

Most startling difference between Network Marketing and any other Profession is its emphasis on the education system. In this, those who are already successful in business world tech others and train them to build successful business by actively being involved with them.

As Robert Kiyosaki has pointed out in his revolutionary book “Cash Flow Quadrant” that real difference between those doing business and those doing job or self work is their internal core values, belief system and values. Since core values get changed, the person will develop entrepreneurial mindset of working for financial freedom rather than simple job security and petty benefits. With this mindset, one becomes opportunity creator and works for his success along with the success of others.

Without real life situation, learning through books is not going to create entrepreneurs, they can only create business managers. But, by promoting network marketing and settings a regulatory authority so that genuine business can be separated from ponzy schemes, new era of entrepreneurship development can be entered into.

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