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13 Jan 2018

Education alone cannot feed industry demand. We need more specialized and skilled people.


India, who is nearing to become

The Most Youth Populous Country,

with birth rate nearing growth of 1.2%, without doubt, faces an immediate need to create necessary job opportunities for its young population.

But, how will a country that concentrates only on conventional jobs, meet this requirement?

We find traditional jobs so lucrative that we emphasize on higher education but, have we ever wondered what the main drawback about advanced education is?
Its main drawback is that it limits a person to do only those activities that one has received a degree or certification of; and the biggest advantage of being skilled is that it opens doors of employment for even those who have just the basic education.

Take the example of a tenth pass male driver earning five thousand rupee a month: As per the current employment scenario he will not get a higher paying job unless he attains more education. But, with higher education he will suffer the biggest drawback of it- Limiting factor and will also face the economic factor, i.e. then he will be needed to compete with those who are far well of then him and thus, making his education much stressful and not that successful. Now, if he would develop his skills, learn about the anatomy of motor vehicles, obtain training of becoming a skilled mechanic, he still might land up in a better place, be a recognized mechanic for an established manufacture of automobiles.

That is the magic of skill.

Speaking categorically about the huge and one of the biggest employment sectors in India- the Automobile Industry; I list for you its employment generation prospects for the coming years (all information gathered from Wikipedia):

  • Global auto maker Ford plans to manufacture in India two families of engines by 2017, a 2.2 litre diesel engine code-named Panther, and a 1.2 litre petrol engine code-named Dragon, which are expected to power 270,000 Ford vehicles globally.
  • The world’s largest air bag suppliers Autoliv Inc, Takata Corp, TRW Automotive Inc and Toyoda Gosei Co are setting up plants and increasing capacity in India.
  • General Motors plans to invest US$1 billion in India by 2020, mainly to increase the capacity at the Talegaon plant in Maharashtra from 130,000 units a year to 220,000 by 2025.
  • US-based car maker Chrysler has planned to invest Rs 3,500 crore (US$525 million) in Maharashtra, to manufacture Jeep Grand Cherokee model.
  • Mercedes Benz has decided to manufacture the GLA entry SUV in India. The company has doubled its India assembly capacity to 20,000 units per annum.
  • Germany-based luxury car maker Bayerische Motoren Werke AG’s (BMW) local unit has announced to procure components from seven India-based auto parts makers.Thus, making careers like automobile technician, designers, painters, specialists, testers or car or bike mechanics, diesel mechanics (who deals with heavy duty vehicles such as buses, tractors, trucks etc) and similar jobs a blooming option for job seekers.

    Also, one should not forget the after sales services offered by the automobile industry which open doors for those who have an excellent hand in communication to take up jobs such as- Sales person, Sales Manager, Customer Service executives and so on.

Oh and the supplementary industries the automobile industry relies on, such as Banking and Finance, how much will they boom once all the listed prospects become true and happening? And, the doors this boom shall open for unconventional jobs to build their industry?

One can only imagine…

Now, think about what is the most important player this plan needs?

No. This plan for its execution needs-


Skilled performers who are not only educated but, also have undertaken training for the needed skills to take the plan forward so as to achieve its objectives. Thus, the Indian industry needs specialized and skilled performers and not just conventional education degree holders.

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