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Welcome to the Complete Facebook Ads for Local Business course.

If you have a local business and need more clients visiting your store every day, this course is for you.

You’re looking for a complete Facebook Ads for Local Business course to teach you everything you need to attract new Clients to your store, increase sales, and promote your business and products using Facebook, right?

You’ve found the right course!

With the skills learned in this Facebook Ads for Local Business, you can:

  • GROW exponentially your business presence on Facebook
  • INCREASE your sales
  • REACH clients (or future clients) that live around your business, in your neighborhood or city and let them know about your local store

I promise to do everything I can to help you learn all these marketing strategies:

  1. You Will learn all About Facebook for Local Business, the Most Powerful Way to Grow Your Local Business Using Facebook
  2. You will learn how to use dozens of proven Facebook Marketing strategies to skyrocket the sales of your Local Business
  3. You will see tangible results by taking action throughout the entire course
  4. You Will learn How to Reach Hundreds, Thousands or Millions of People on Facebook
  5. You will Stop spending money on Facebook Ads that are NOT Working
  6. You will increase conversions and sales with real-world techniques
  7. You will learn how to Create optimized Facebook Ads for your Local business, investing a small amount that will attract hundreds of new customers
  8. Bonus: If you don’t have a website for your Local Business, I’ll show you how to create one.


  • Lifetime access to the course and all updates
  • Personalized support and answers to your questions
  • Certificate of completion


Throughout the entire course, you’ll be taking action!

You’ll learn the proper techniques and strategies for each section. Then you’ll see how these strategies are used in the real world with case studies. Finally, you’ll take action yourself, and see real results!

We have 6 students’ assignments to help you take the right steps to get the results that you want.


Whether you’re completely new to all of these topics, or you use a few of them, now is the perfect time to take action.

Do you want more people visiting your store?
Or maybe you want to increase your sales and add more value to your clients,
or maybe what you want for your business is to create a powerful online presence and to grow your brand reaching thousands of potential customers.

Well, you are in the right place!

In this course, you will learn the complete step by step formula to reach people around your business with Facebook Ads.
By the end of the course, you will have Facebook Ads running 24 hours a day, reaching potential clients that are interested in your products or services.

We’ll define your target audience to ensure that it’s optimized for your Local Business and avoiding spending money with Facebook Ads that do not work.

You will also learn how to create a super optimized Facebook Pages for your Local Business, and how to monetize it selling your products, services, and ideas to all your followers.

And you will learn how to use and configure the Call-To-Action button on your Facebook Page, using it to connect these Facebook fans with your local business.

And if you have a YouTube Channel or Instagram Account, I’ll show you how to completely integrate that with your Local Business Facebook Page, exponentially increasing the views on your videos and engagement on your Instagram posts.

If you don’t have a website for your business. We have a bonus module here in the course, where I’ll show you how to create a professional website with a few clicks, so you can do it even if you have never created a website before.

My goal as the instructor is to make sure that you get real results, and to accomplish that we need to take action! And take the right actions, that’s why I created 6 Student Assignments, each assignment will guarantee that you are taking the right steps, performing the right actions to get the results that you want.

I’m sure you’ll love the course, and by the end you will have Facebook Ads, generating sales and bringing customers and followers to your business every day.

Just to recap:
When you join Facebook Ads for Local Business TODAY you receive:
* Instant access to +5 hours of step by step video training.
* 6 Practical Assignments that will help you to take the right steps to get real results in your Local Business Marketing.
* Lifetime Access to the Course.
* Lifetime Free Updates.

With all this guarantee you have nothing to lose, Enroll now and let’s start using all power of Facebook Ads to generate more sales, attract more followers and grow your online presence exponentially right now!


Section 1 Introduction
Lecture 1Welcome to the course
Lecture 2Here is how you will profit from this course
Section 2First Steps
Section 3Creating your Facebook Page for Local Business
Lecture 4Module Intro creating your local business Facebook page
Lecture 5Creating Your Local Business Facebook Page
Lecture 6Your Facebook Page Description
Lecture 7Optimizing Your Facebook Page Information
Lecture 8Choosing your Facebook Page URL
Lecture 9Adding Yourself as a Team Member
Lecture 10Adding your Profile Picture or Logo
Lecture 11Examples of Facebook Cover Images for your Page
Lecture 12Creating Professional Facebook Cover Image for your Pages
Lecture 13Assignment 1 Creating a Facebook page for local business
Section 4Connecting YouTube and Instagram with your Facebook Page
Lecture 14Module Intro Connecting YT and Insta Facebook Apps
Lecture 15Facebook Apps that will increase your Traffic
Lecture 16The only way to guarantee that your fans see your posts
Lecture 17Assignment 2 connect Youtube and Instagram with Facebook page
Section 5Call to Action on Facebook
Lecture 18Module intro Call to action on Facebook
Lecture 19Using The Facebook Call-To-Action Button to Skyrocket your Sales
Lecture 20Assignment 3: Call to action on a Facebook page
Section 6Defininsh the Target Audience for your Local Business
Lecture 21Module Intro Define Target Audience
Lecture 22Knowing the Facebook Ads Manager
Lecture 23Setting Up your Payment Account for Facebook Ads
Lecture 24Defining a Target Audience for your Local Business Ads
Lecture 25Using all the Power of Facebook Insights to Create your Audience
Lecture 26Assignment 4: Define target audience
Section 7Creating your First Local Business Ad
Lecture 27Module Intro Creating your first Fb ad
Lecture 28Two Ways to Create Ads
Lecture 29Creating the Facebook Ad Post
Lecture 30Boosting your Post
Lecture 31 What to expect now that your Ad is live
Lecture 32How much to Invest on Facebook Ads
Lecture 33Tips to have your Ads approved by Facebook
Lecture 34Analyzing the Results of your Facebook Ad
Lecture 35Assignment 5: Creating your First FB ad
Section 8Which Ad is better for your Business
Lecture 36Module Intro which ad is better for your business
Lecture 37Choosing your Marketing Objective
Lecture 38Creating a Facebook Ad for Local Business in the Ads Manager
Lecture 39Assignment 6: Create Facebook ad in the ads manager
Section 97 Secrests that will Boost your Facebook Organic Reach
Lecture 40Facebook Secret #1
Lecture 41Facebook Secret #2
Lecture 42Facebook Secret #3
Lecture 43Facebook Secret #4
Lecture 44Facebook Secret #5
Lecture 45Facebook Secret #6
Lecture 46Facebook Secret #7
Lecture 47Bonus Facebook Secret #8
Section 10Facebook Tips and Tricks
Lecture 48Module Intro Tips and Tricks
Lecture 49How to Reach 8000+ People with a $3 Ad
Lecture 50How to Spy on Your Competitors on Facebook
Lecture 51How to Reach ALL your Followers on Facebook
Lecture 52How to Download All your Facebook Data to your Computer
Lecture 53How to Download Any videos from Facebook
Lecture 54Getting Unlimited Royalty Free Images to use on Facebook
Lecture 55Using Facebook Videos in your Website
Section 11Creating a Website for Your Business
Lecture 56Module Intro Creating a Website for local business
Lecture 57What is a Domain
Lecture 58Finding the Perfect Domain new
Lecture 59Purchasing the Domain Name
Lecture 60What is Web Hosting
Lecture 61Signing for Web Hosting
Lecture 62Pointing your Domain to your Hosting
Lecture 63Installing Wordpress
Lecture 64Changing Settings new
Lecture 65What are Wordpress Themes
Lecture 66Installing our Theme
Lecture 67Customizing our Theme
Lecture 68Creating Menus
Lecture 69Creating the About Us Page
Lecture 70Creating a Contact Us Page

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