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Detailed but simple course on Widely famous technology which combines JAVA + SELNIUM and this which means that what you will learn is relevant, evergreen and will always be in DEMAND,

===================NO PRIOR CODING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED================

a. No coding experience required and its a plus point if you are having programming skills.
b. You should only know to Operate Computer and will teach you rest.

What this Course will teach you :
Selenium with JAVA is widely in demand and will never get obselete as they are basis of all Test Automation especially Web Automation .

After this you will learn :

a. Test Automation with Windows and Web.
b. Scripting with JAVA.
c. Framework creation.
d. Enhance Logical and Technical skills.

Why to choose this course :
-Detailed analysis of all JAVA + Selenium.
-Explained with hands on Coding
-Explained in National Language(Hindi) to avoid confusion.
-Best coding practices are followed

Selenium is widely used all over the IT industry and employers still have jobs for you if have these skill



Section 1Getting started with Selenium
Lecture 1Selenium-JAVA Project
Lecture 2Selenium-Maven Project
Section 2SSL, Grid and Wait
Lecture 3Selenium Handling-SSL
Lecture 4Selenium Grid-command line Setup
Lecture 5Selenium Grid-command line and JSON
Lecture 6Selenium Grid JAVA Test Case
Lecture 7Selenium Calendar Handling
Lecture 8Selenium Intro level 2
Lecture 9Selenium Wait Explicit Wait
Lecture 10Selenium Wait Implicit Wait
Lecture 11Selenium Wait Fluent
Section 3Advanced Selenium with Data Source
Lecture 12Selenium Reading property files
Lecture 13Selenium Validations using Java
Lecture 14Selenium Validations using Assert
Lecture 15Selenium iframes
Lecture 16Selenium window-handling
Lecture 17Selenium Alerts
Lecture 18Selenium and SQL
Lecture 19Selenium XLS Reading file
Lecture 20Selenium XLS Writing file
Section 4Selenium Libraries and Frameworks
Lecture 21Robot Intro and Sample TC
Lecture 22Robot Uploading files
Lecture 23Robot Page Object Model-Intro and simple Test Case
Lecture 24Selenium POM-complex scenarios
Lecture 25Selenium Different-Frameworks
Lecture 26Selenium Linear Scripting and Module Driven Frameworks
Lecture 27Selenium Library Architecture Testing Framework
Lecture 28Selenium Datadriven-framework approach
Lecture 29Selenium Keyword and Hybrid Approach
Section 5Logs, Reporting and CI with Selenium
Lecture 30selenium Logs-JAVA_sysout
Lecture 31Selenium Logging using logger class
Lecture 32selenium Log4j
Lecture 33Selenium ReportNG
Lecture 34Selenium Jenkins Build Tool

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