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Meditation Masters – 21 Days To Change Your Life



Thank you for enrolling in Meditation Masters: 21 Day to become pro at meditation and Up-Level Your Life.

Meditation Masters is an entirely new type of learning experience because it is completely adapted into the Quest format and contains bite-size content.

This course is structured in the following way:

Part 1 is all about ‘getting good’ at Meditation. It gives you a morning practice to prime your brain for optimal performance.

Part 2 is all about ‘getting good’ at life. You’ll learn a unique series of guided visualizations to help you show up as the most amazing version of you when it really counts at work, in your relationships and for yourself.

So, let’s get started.

The Best Way to consume this course

Now, I want to share with you the best way to take this course. As we already know, this course is structured in two parts.

The first 14 days will teach you a powerful morning meditation practice. The best way to go through part one is to schedule time on your calendar and set your alarm 20 minutes earlier than you usually wake up. Ideally, you want to go through the videos before your morning coffee and breakfast.

In part two, you will do The Morning Meditation practice on your own in the morning. After your meditation, watch the video for that specific day.

Even if the guided visualization addresses an issue you aren’t currently dealing with, we suggest you continue watching anyway to learn the technique for future reference. I recommend watching the video on the day it’s released.

Why This Program

This program is for the 90% of us who meditate or want to, but want to take their practice to the NEXT level and turn Meditation into a tool to Upgrade their Performance at Life.

More than half the people who first start meditation, give up because of misinformation that is often attached to the practice. Perhaps you too have experience this, for example:

1. You can’t seem to stay awake during meditation.
2. You find it hard to focus or clear your mind of thoughts.
3. The practice seems boring and you seem to ‘get nothing’ out of it.

We don’t blame you. Meditation today is clouded by a number of myths that no longer apply.
Instead, what you’ll find with The Modern Meditation is an approach that is:

1. So effective it takes a mere minutes, but adds hours in productivity to your day
2. Does not require you “to clear your mind” or “focus on the breathe” like so many meditation cliches.
3. Is so much fun, you’ll start to look forward to your practice every day.
What You will learn
This program is for the 90% of us who meditate or want to, but want to take their practice to the NEXT level and turn Meditation into a tool to Upgrade their Performance at Life.

Experience All The Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Meditation
You will certainly live life differently and enjoy life a lot more.

JAMA Internal Medicine found that meditation helps heal depression and anxiety about as effectively as antidepressants.

Stress: Meditation is the single most powerful stress relieving tool available by natural means.
Productivity: It is a well-known fact that a simple 10-minute daily meditation can kill stress and allow you to perform at the top of your game.
Migraines: Migraines tend to be 3 hrs shorter for meditators and happen 1.4 times less frequently.
ADD, ADHD: In a recent study of meditation for people with ADHD, 78% of participants reported a reduction in total ADHD symptoms, with 30% reporting at least a 30% symptom reduction.
Insomnia: Meditation gets rid of the sleep-inhibiting daytime stress, so you can naturally fall asleep during the night.
Fertility: Meditation makes the body less acidic, which can increase your fertility.

Who Am I?

I am a Doctor of Alternative Medicine and a Psychology enthusiast with 10 years of experience at Corporate/BPO in operations. I am an Image consultant and NABET accredited Soft Skills Trainer. A certified Life coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Access Bars facilitator, Mindfulness & NLP Master Practitioner.

I specialized in Modern Meditation, Energy Healing, and Psychic Tarot Reading. I love bringing different healing modalities together to provide maximum benefits to people around me and help them create a new reality for themselves.




Section 1DAY 0
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2Assessment
Section 2DAY 1
Lecture 3Breathing Technique
Lecture 4Meditation Track
Section 3DAY 2
Lecture 5Mindfulness
Lecture 6Meditation Track
Section 4DAY 3
Lecture 7Silence 1
Lecture 8Meditation Track
Section 5DAY 4
Lecture 9Silence 2
Lecture 10Meditation Track
Section 6DAY 5
Lecture 11Gratitude
Lecture 12Meditation Track
Lecture 13Gratitude Journal Assessment
Section 7DAY 6
Lecture 14Love Balm
Lecture 15Meditation Track
Section 8DAY 7
Section 9DAY 8
Lecture 17Balancing Breath + Mindfulness
Lecture 18Meditation Track
Section 10DAY 9
Lecture 19Balancing Breath + Mindfulness + Silence
Lecture 20Meditation Track
Section 11DAY 10
Lecture 21Balancing Breath + Mindfulness + Silence + Gratitude
Lecture 22Meditation Track
Section 12DAY 11
Lecture 23The Complete Morning Meditation Technique
Lecture 24Meditation Track
Section 13DAY 12
Lecture 25Meditation & Emotions
Lecture 26Morning Meditation
Section 14DAY 13
Section 15DAY 14
Lecture 28Making Meditation Non- Negotiable
Lecture 29Morning Meditation
Section 16DAY 15
Lecture 30Pain Management
Lecture 31Meditation Track
Lecture 32Morning Meditation
Section 17DAY 16
Lecture 33Stress Management
Lecture 34Meditation Track
Lecture 35Morning Meditation
Section 18DAY 17
Lecture 36Forgiveness
Lecture 37Meditation Track
Lecture 38Morning Meditation
Section 19DAY 18
Lecture 39Sleep Meditation
Lecture 40Meditation Track
Lecture 41Morning Meditation
Section 20DAY 19
Lecture 42Mindful Consumption
Lecture 43Meditation Track
Lecture 44Morning Meditation
Section 21DAY 20
Lecture 45Finding Your Purpose
Lecture 46Meditation Track
Lecture 47Morning Meditation
Section 22DAY 21
Section 23BONUS
Lecture 49Violet Bubble Meditation
Lecture 50Heart Chakra
Lecture 51Nectar Washing

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