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Course Description

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

Either have a course live on Udemy or be close to launching a course

Have the ability to try new ways of marketing to see what works and what doesn’t

Who is your target student?

People interested in promoting their online educational content

Beginning and experienced instructors who have a course live and want to know how to attract more students to them

Instructors who want to establish their own authority on a particular topic

Trainers, educators

At the end of my course, students will be able to…

Learn all the important things about platform specific SEO, how to set up the title, subtitle, landing page, course image and much more

Practically learn how to launch your course (prelaunch social proof, converting offline presence to online authority, personal branding techniques)

Launch! (Presales, initial days, scarcity, ads, funnels and bonuses)

Gather feedback, get testimonials and receive 5-star reviews

Automate your course conversion (so you don’t have to invest any more time in marketing)

Understand how you could use Facebook Ads or Webinars to sell your course

Know how to price your course, whether it’s on your own platform or on Udemy

Understand which Social Media platforms to focus on, as well as the differences between Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat


Section 1Introduction to the course
Section 2Platform Positioning
Lecture 2Own Pricing vs Other Platform
Lecture 3What Makes A Course Convert
Lecture 4What Makes A Course Convert On Udemy
Lecture 5What Makes A Course Convert On Skillshare
Lecture 6What Makes A Course Convert On Teachable
Lecture 7The Perfect Price
Lecture 8How to build generic content
Lecture 9IBL
Lecture 10What type of content
Section 3Making Your Course Convert
Lecture 11Introduction
Lecture 12How Important Are Titles _ Subtitles
Lecture 13Landing page content
Lecture 14Dissection Promo video
Lecture 15Perfect Course image
Section 4Building a Strong Media Presence
Lecture 16Building A Strong Social Media Presence
Lecture 17Building Your Own Website
Lecture 18Facebook For Social Media
Lecture 19Instagram YouTube Snapchat
Section 5Pre-Launch Social Proof
Lecture 20Why Social Proof is Crucial
Lecture 21Personal Brand
Lecture 22Udemy Social Proof
Section 6The Launch (funnels, scarcity, etc)
Lecture 23Presales
Lecture 24The FB Ads Funnel
Lecture 25Email funnels
Lecture 26Webinars
Lecture 27Bonuses
Lecture 28The Interview Method
Section 7Identifying What Works And Building It Up
Lecture 29How To Improve Student Engagement
Lecture 30The Pareto principle
Final Quiz

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