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Build Engaging Apps with Trivia, Personality Quiz and Flash Cards for Google Assistant, Google Home, and Android Devices

Course Description :

Hello and Welcome to​ “Learn Google Assistant Development and become a Pro! – 2019” course.​

You’ll learn about ​Google Assistant Development​ from ​Scratch​!

Here, You will learn to make High-Quality ​apps for​ Google Assistant​ &​ Google Home ​and test these apps in ​Actions on Google Simulator.​ ​NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE​ is required. Just follow the steps to get the results. You​ DON’T NEED TO HAVE GOOGLE HOME​, we will test on the simulator.

We’ll make three applications in this course namely ​POLITICS QUIZ, PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT RECORD, and PARENT ANIMALS.

Benefits of this Course :

  • Google will award you with exclusive ​Google Assistant T-Shirt for​ deploying your first app and ​Google Home ​if you hit any Milestones​   such as “​Getting initial traction​”, “​Keeping users engaged” ​and many more.
  • You’ll understand ​Google Assistant Development ​ ● Work with ​Trivia​, ​Flashcard​ and Personality Quiz​ ​ easily.
  • Create and Publish high-quality Apps for Google Assistant.

Big Opportunity for You :

  • Yes, Google Assistant Development is a Big Opportunity to learn, Developers are investing their time and capital to make these assistants more user-friendly and also there is no doubt that assistants are going to influence business in future and our day to day lives.
  • Be one of the first people that know how to build apps for the Assistant. You can build it for your business or other people.

If you have any Questions & Doubts or if you find any Error in Actions on Google Simulator or anywhere then please let me know. I’ll sort it out as soon as possible. This will help me and the course to get better. ​

This is the ​LATEST​ course made from Actions on Google Console so you need not to worry. If there are any changes, I’ll make these changes immediately.

Target Audience :  

  • Anyone wanted to Build High-Quality Apps for Google Assistant
  • Anyone wanted to earn Exclusive Google Assistant T-Shirt and Google Home
  • Anyone wanted to attract users towards their Apps and increase the number of Conversations in their App

Pre-Requisites :

  1. For this online course, you will need only a computer
  2. Internet Access
  3. No experience required – just follow the steps to get the results!

What Students able to do after the course :

  • Create and Publish high-quality Apps for Google Assistant
  • Work with Trivia, Flashcard and Personality Quiz easily
  • Test Apps in Actions on Google Simulator
  • How to Design Apps for Google Assistant
  • Understand Google Assistant Development Completely

So, What are you Waiting for? Click on ​ENROLL BUTTON ​now and get started.

Section 1Introduction
Section 2Building App with Trivia
Lecture 2Sign In & Importing the Project in Trivia
Lecture 3Setting the Invocation Name in Trivia
Lecture 4Building of Action in Trivia
Lecture 5Uploading the Sheet in Trivia
Lecture 6Testing App in Simulator in Trivia
Lecture 7Adding Directory Information in Trivia
Lecture 8Deploying the App and Checking Project Id in Trivia
Section 3Building App with Personality Quiz
Lecture 9Sign In & Importing the Project in Personality Quiz
Lecture 10Setting the Invocation Name in Personality Quiz
Lecture 11Building of Action in Personality Quiz
Lecture 12Uploading the Sheet in Personality Quiz
Lecture 13Testing App in Simulator in Personality Quiz
Lecture 14Adding Directory Information in Personality Quiz
Lecture 15Deploying the App in Personality Quiz
Section 4Building App with Flash Cards
Lecture 16Sign In & Importing the Project in Flash Cards
Lecture 17Setting the Invocation Name in Flash Cards
Lecture 18Building of Action in Flash Cards
Lecture 19Uploading the Sheet in Flash Cards
Lecture 20Testing App in Simulator in Flash Cards.
Lecture 21Adding Directory Information in Flash Cards.
Lecture 22Deploying the App in Flash Cards
Lecture 23Measuring Analytics
Lecture 24Support from Google
Lecture 25Thank You for taking the Course and Project Settings

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