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Description: In this series of entrepreneurship, you will learn about the untold journey and different phases one need to pass in order to build an idea to an empire of brand and sell product into market. This course also tells you about the author’s personal experience and journey, different ways of starting business and all the key elements you need to start a business. Students who have special subject as Entrepreneurship can also learn all the concepts, key terms and other details about how to bring the startup to a successful venture.

Who this course is for: Entrepreneurs, Startup founders, co-founders, managers, venture capitalists, investors, students who opted Entrepreneurship as Special Paper/subject, and everyone who finds interests in Entrepreneurship.


Section 1Introduction to Learn and Understand Entrepreneurship
Lecture 1Introduction about Me & Entrepreneurship
Lecture 2What is Startup and Entrepreneurship
Lecture 3Entrepreneurship Process & Functionalities
Section 2Prepare Yourself as an Entrepreneur
Lecture 4Converting Ideas into Prototype
Lecture 5Position Your ****** for Your business
Lecture 6Passing the Chasm Phase
Lecture 7Your Company Mantra
Lecture 8Your Business Story-Telling
Section 3The Mature Stage of Your Entrepreneurship
Lecture 9Adoption & Scaling in Business
Lecture 10Incubation, Sponsors & Accelerators
Lecture 11Common Mistakes & forecasting the Business goals and requirements
Lecture 12Business Models (all possible forms and types mentioned in details)
Lecture 13Pitching Your Idea
Lecture 14Fundraising
Lecture 15Grabbing Investors
Lecture 16Building Your Team (The Board Members)
Lecture 17Building Your Teams (The Employees)
Section 4The Final Build-up
Lecture 18Growth Strategies
Lecture 19International Business, Cultures and Risks
Lecture 20Its all about Business Capital and business plan
Lecture 21Connection Building (as a tool) for Entrepreneurs
Lecture 22The art of Evangelizing
Lecture 23Product Launch
Lecture 24Is Successful Entrepreneurship Nature or Nurture

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