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Welcome! Do you want to learn how to become effective and efficient in your communication, then this course is perfect for you. This course is designed with hyper-efficient methods so that you can learn all basic communication skills basics in less than 90 minutes. This course gives you simple methods to implement. Why choose this course? – Step by step methods
– Proven knowledge – Practical tips – Highly engaging course. Start improving results of your communication immediately after starting this course.

Target audience


Aspiring entrepreneurs

Working professionals


What will students learn in your course?

1. How to create clear messages

2. Method to be courteous

3. 5W & 1H method for complete communication

4. How to build confidence in listener’s mind

5. Way to keep listener’s attention

6. How to be logical in communication

7. Five levels of listening

8. Practical tips for effective listening

Course requirements:

Willingness to learn new methods

Willingness to do assignment

Watch all videos

Section 110 techniques to improve your communication results
Lecture 13 things to do to get the most from this course
Lecture 2Improvement techniques 1 and 2 - clarity and correctness
Lecture 3Improvement technique 3 - be courteous and earn respect
Lecture 4Improvement technique 4 - 5W and 1H method for completeness
Lecture 5Improvement technique 5 - build confidence in listeners - concreteness
Lecture 6Improvement technique 6 - keep listener's attention - make message concise
Lecture 7Improvement technique 7 - considerate - build relationships this way
Lecture 8Improvement technique 8 - be coherent logical and consistent
Lecture 9Improvement technique 9 - Ask a powerful question - what do you want the other person to do
Lecture 10Improvement technique 10 - Prepare mind of listeners and achieve results - learn through this story
Section 2Improve your listening skills
Lecture 11World's best communicators are best listeners - 1 trick
Lecture 125 levels of listening - start becoming an empathic listener
Lecture 13Listening is key - practical tips to effective listening
Lecture 148 Cs of Effective Communication with examples
Lecture 15Reference document - examples of good communication
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