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How to Pitch the News Media Promo

Section 1You Can Get Massive Amounts of TV Airtime, Without a Big PR Firm
Lecture 1The Secret to Selling Yourself to TV Producers and Bookers - Public Relations
Lecture 2Your Technology Needs Are SIMPLE
Lecture 3How to Build a Mini Broadcast Studio
Section 2The Uses of YouTube Video to Generate PR
Lecture 4Breaking News Is Your Ticket to Getting on the Air - Public Relations
Lecture 5Example of A Video on Breaking News
Lecture 6Planned News Events
Lecture 7Example of video for Planned News Event
Lecture 8Video Press Releases - Public Relations
Lecture 9Evergreen Content
Lecture 10Audition Video
Lecture 11Example of Audition Video
Lecture 12Video Record Your Interviews
Lecture 13Bonus: Performance Skills
Section 3Conclusion
Lecture 14Feedback
Lecture 15Concluding Thoughts
Section 4Bonus Reading
Lecture 16Media Training A to Z
Lecture 17Media Training Success
Lecture 181001 Ways to Wow the Media
Lecture 19Secret to Foolproof Presentations
Lecture 20Public Speaking Success

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