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How to Give a Wedding Speech Promo

Section 1Celebrate the Big Day With a Few Words
Section 2Make Your Message One of Joy and Happiness
Lecture 2Here is the One Special Thing About the Bride or Groom
Lecture 3Be Lazy, Just Tell A True Story
Lecture 4What Not to Do
Lecture 5Booze It Up, But Only After Your Speech
Lecture 6Focus on Bride and Groom
Section 3Practice Just a Little
Lecture 7It's OK to Use a Cheat Sheet
Lecture 8Video Rehearsal
Lecture 9More Video Rehearsal
Lecture 10Feedback from Others
Section 4Conclusion
Lecture 11Conclusion
Lecture 12Feedback
Section 5Bonus
Section 6Bonus Reading
Lecture 14Secret to Foolproof Presentations
Lecture 15Public Speaking Success
Lecture 161001 Ways to Wow

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