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As the Course name suggests, It’s for Beginners to IT and for those who want to clear or re-learn or revise their smaller chunks of comcepts. For newbies in IT and Computer Science field, this course will prove very essential and I will keep on adding more core concepts and ideas into it in the form of videos. Please do remember that, this course will expand and expand with coming days and I’ll cover all core and base concepts one at a time in each lecture or notes

So don’t miss to grab the base and core concepts of Computer World.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to clear the basic fundamentals of Computer science and Engineering and core IT terminologies and concepts
Section 1Introduction to Essential IT Fundamentals
Section 2Basic IT Building Concepts
Lecture 2Data VS Information
Lecture 3Directory and sub-directory
Lecture 4Volatile vs Non Volatile memory
Lecture 5Command vs Code
Lecture 6NTFS & FAT32
Section 3Fundamentals Version -2
Lecture 7CLI vs GUI
Lecture 8BIOS
Lecture 9Disc vs Disk
Lecture 10Repository EITF
Lecture 11Character Set
Lecture 12ASCII Character
Section 4Deep Down d basic Concepts
Lecture 13Color Model
Lecture 14Program application and Software
Lecture 15Computer Viruses
Lecture 16Multimedia
Lecture 17Clipboard Content
Lecture 18NIC
Lecture 19Buffer and Buffering
Section 5All in One ------------Ware
Lecture 20What is Shareware
Lecture 21Def: Freeware VS Foss
Lecture 22Bloatware
Section 6Misc. (Yet Important to Know)

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