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Are you dreaming of creating your own business? But you have responsibilities, commitments, maybe financial ones and family ones…not so easy to just “make the jump” like every entrepreneur says right?

Well this course offers an alternative, based on my own story I am sharing a roadmap of how you can progressively create your own business while keeping your current job, and therefore consistently secure the level of financial security that you need to keep you current level of comfort.

There is work, there are sacrifices needed, but this course is about guiding you from A to B with 1 single thought in mind: IT IS POSSIBLE!

Through this course, I will guide you through a step by step process on HOW TO PREPARE YOUR OWN BUSINESS while you still have a secured financial income from your current job. This way, you can minimize the risks of the transition from employee to business owner, and you can feel more confident about becoming a successful entrepreneur.

A simple step by step transition process is all it takes, and you will realize through this course that the preparation is absolutely within reach, you can make it happen with minimal time and almost no investment!


Section 1Welcome
Lecture 1Intro video
Lecture 2Welcome video
Section 2Yourself: develop the psychology you need to succeed
Lecture 3STEP 1: Set your secure income level
Lecture 4STEP 1: Additional recommendations and tips
Lecture 5STEP 2: Develop the "side-hustle" psychology
Lecture 6STEP 2: Additional recommendations and tips
Section 3Your Business: use your transition to consolidate your business model
Lecture 7Getting to know your clients
Lecture 8STEP 3: Additional recommendations and tips
Lecture 9STEP 4: Shape your business identity
Section 4Continuous improvement of your Business model
Lecture 10STEP 5: Sharpen your business model
Lecture 11STEP 6: Network and Connect
Lecture 12STEP 7: Test your model publicly
Lecture 13STEP 8: Fine-tune your business
Section 5Conclusion + Bonus videos
Lecture 14Conclusion
Lecture 15Bonus video 1: the toughest moments along the journey
Lecture 16Bonus video 2: what’s great once you get there?
Lecture 17Bonus video 3: ensuring you stay in a state of FLOW
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