Brent Dalley Classroom

Brent Dalley
Current WorkWriting and Producing educational content
Past WorkLeadership, training, coach, mentor and consultant
Specialist InManagement, Professional Sales, Personal Growth and Development
For the past 24 years Brent has owned and operated his own business. He works from home, writing and producing training courses . He consults and coaches winning teams and team leaders. With forty years' experience in leadership he has gained a lifetime’s knowledge and experience. Throughout his career Brent has received awards in education, sales performance, cost control and asset management, and employee/management relationships. He has also spent countless hours counseling individuals and couples with personal growth issues. He is married to the same young lady he met 60 years ago and together they have two daughters and one son and 9 grandchildren. His current interests are mountain biking, hiking and spoiling grandchildren.